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Champagne Cocaine? (The Soap Girls)

The Soap Girls are a pair of bodacious babes from South Africa. A double team of dames making music since they were kids they have even charted making dance music and been signed to labels. Now hold on, there has been some changes recently, big changes!  They are popularly known for EDM/Club music but they have gone in another indie direction. Another direction more akin to their past as street performers. The Soap Girls have been working at a prolific pace churning out raw demos of acoustic indie music. Getting lots of spins via online radio channels and presumably FM radio as well.

Now they are experimenting with a more aggressive Rock sound . When I first heard their acoustic music I compared the vocals to the funky swagger of Anthony Kiedis with a hint of the growl of Brody Dalle. With the acoustic tracks now sharing space with electric instruments it reminds me of the first and second waves of SoCal-pop-punk. As far as I am know The Soap Girls were and are blissfully unaware of the underground pop-punk scene of those eras. They probably only heard distant approximations through the international pop-culture filter.

the soapgirls

The Soap Girls acoustic music is interesting and leaned on the harmonies and girlish tones with an electronic drum machine. Their street performing pedigree showed as the girls incorporated various skits and banter in those acoustic tunes. It all seemed alluding to one day being a female version of “Flight of the Conchords” or “Tenacious D” with an emphasis on the music rather then the comedy. A tour of whacky cafe shows in the USA seemed to be their destiny but I’m not sure that is what they were going for.

The Soap Girls electric music has weighed in and I can only describe as pop-punk and pop music with some vocal inspiration from Anthony Kiedis and possibly Brian Wilson? It sound familiar to that retro California music but its definitely different and I don’t think they were trying to copy this sound.

Kinda quixotic and unique its hard for an outsider to get a grasp on where they intend to land. They would make a great art band being a spectacle and curiosity. They could be an acoustic pop-comedy troupe traveling the cafes and campuses of America. They have been dance club divas and now they could be a pop-punk band.  Its hard to say where the are going but people seem to be finding them and enjoying it.