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The Budrows

The Budrows are a Rootsy swampy Bluesy band with one cigar box guitar in the old timey past and vocals in a punky honky tonk present while a blues harp singes the edges. I got to hear the colored green Vinyl version and it was an absolute delight. The A-side is very much in the sticks with lots of moonshine and grapes of wrath while the B-side is softer and a lil more modern. The Budrows are not one trick ponies in there LoFi quest to make old timey music that belongs in the now! If you get the chance I recommend you pick up the vinyl but they have handy digital copies on the interweb. Love the leading lady vox Macarena that is featured on most of the tracks



The Budrows!

US Postal Service somehow lost “The Budrows” album that was to be sent to Crushwb which is a cryin shame! This is a very switched on Americana band from Aliso Viejo California. They have a sassy front-lady and old style Roots-Blues instruments like cigar box guitars and wailin Blues harps. What’s not to like about The Budrows!? So I guess I will have to figure something out about the CD but until then check them out on Reverbnation!



“The Budrows have been jammin’ foot stompin’ blues since 2008″-source The Budrows .COM