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The Goatbox Rebel

Had a good time cranking debut CD (EP) of  “The Goatbox Rebel”. Dirty and raw Blues Rock from Central Canada.  Fairly heavy in spots and with a touch of grind and gravel  “The Goatbox Rebel” is going for something and not playing it safe. You can hear those old fashioned blues licks that remind me of Delta Blues and the imperfect scratchy vocals more reminiscent of the  original tenant farmers then the blue-eyed schmaltz of suburban blues.  This will be sure to alienate the massive gelatinous establishment that makes up many  so-called Blues fans that prefer their Blues polished as their silverware. If you are not offended by “Clutch” or “Jack White” when they play the Blues Rock, then you are more likely to enjoy “The Goatbox Rebel”.

The first track “401″ is probably the most divisive giving me the impression of a busking Rob Zombie channeling Robert Johnson. I enjoyed “401″ on repeat listens especially the lyrics but my first impression was to skip to more  immediately endearing tracks like “Promised Land” and “Born With A Tail”. The inclusion of a live track of “Promised Land” was a nice touch.

The CD sound good on my mp3 player, my laptop and my 5.1 computer sound system so I have no complaints there. On my classic analog Technics system the vocals seemed to sit atop the mix on “401″ and the percussion on “Born With A Tail” sounded more like a click track then anything else. If anyone noticed the same issue with an analog system please include a comment. or tweet @crushwb

Gritty, dirty and back to basics Blues Rock. You know where you stand with “The Goatbox Rebel” and if you are offended then its more an issue of you walking into the wrong bar at wrong end of town.