RKC – Radio Kaos Caribou

Hi everyone, especially music artists and music fans. I want to tell you about the amazing online radio channel “Radio Kaos Caribou” or RKC.


I have been following them for a couple years now and always impressed by the eclectic music they play and the support they have shown artists over the years.


I think RKC is worthy of your time as a listening experience and if you are an artist you will also enjoy the sense of community on their social networking pages such as their twitter and facebook pages. Crushwb has taken every advantage to look over their shoulder and learn about really great underground artists from Europe. The best way to help RKC is to share with your friends and let people know!




Jane Allison – “Just Another Girl” album

Thoroughly authentic Americana from veteran UK musician Jane Allison with her Sept 6th 2014 release “Just Another Girl”. These  songs of loss and redemption will have you tapping your foot while wistfully contemplating what tugs at your own heart strings. The early release samples I have reviewed such as “Hymn To Hope”, “Just Another Girl” and “Wait For Me” transport me to the peak of the Heartland Rock era where folkies and rockers could share the same stage. Polished arrangements allow these tunes to be readily accessible to today’s pop radio while never losing that nostalgic charm. We at Crushwb tip our hat to Jane Allison for midwifing these tracks into the musical Universe.

Jane Allison Stanness       www.jane-allison.com

I’ve Got A Crush On You, Kristina Helene Cover

“I’ve Got A Crush On You” a Kristina Helene Cover

Kristina Helene is perhaps the most glamorous singer on Vancouver Island with her impeccable stage presence, her looks out of the Golden Age of Hollywood and her lush repertoire of Jazz classics.

Take the time to see what this gorgeous lady has in store for you, you won’t regret hearing her honeyed vocals. Crushwb likes “I’ve Got A Crush On You”!



The Budrows

The Budrows are a Rootsy swampy Bluesy band with one cigar box guitar in the old timey past and vocals in a punky honky tonk present while a blues harp singes the edges. I got to hear the colored green Vinyl version and it was an absolute delight. The A-side is very much in the sticks with lots of moonshine and grapes of wrath while the B-side is softer and a lil more modern. The Budrows are not one trick ponies in there LoFi quest to make old timey music that belongs in the now! If you get the chance I recommend you pick up the vinyl but they have handy digital copies on the interweb. Love the leading lady vox Macarena that is featured on most of the tracks



The Texas KGB, “Outta Chaos” music video

The Texas KGB have an adorable music video released recently, yeah I said adorable, an odd word to use to describe such an atmospheric and gritty Americana band but I can’t take it back. The Texas KGB have just released their first album and it’s pretty amazing from what I can tell. Atop all the great tunes and authentic vibe of the bands confident frontman Jace they also have  the charismatic Kelly Green on guitar. Kelly has the aura of a big time star !
“Outta Chaos” Official Music Video:

The Texas KGB



The Budrows!

US Postal Service somehow lost “The Budrows” album that was to be sent to Crushwb which is a cryin shame! This is a very switched on Americana band from Aliso Viejo California. They have a sassy front-lady and old style Roots-Blues instruments like cigar box guitars and wailin Blues harps. What’s not to like about The Budrows!? So I guess I will have to figure something out about the CD but until then check them out on Reverbnation!



“The Budrows have been jammin’ foot stompin’ blues since 2008″-source The Budrows .COM

Girl Next Door – The SoapGirls

South African pop stars “The SoapGirls” have a new sound and coming to North America! Known in some markets for their club/pop music they are working on something new for USA/Canada that seems to make use of electro-pop sounds atop some indie rock sensibilities. Crushwb has always liked these gals as charming characters with nice voices and pretty faces but there is something genuinely exciting about their upcoming projects that is  unpredictable.  The demos on their Soundcloud harken back to that “anything goes” spirit of  art bands that played CBGB’s (Television, Talking Heads). Some may balk at this comparison but really they all were outlandish before they fortunately became the spirit of their age. People worry so much these days what others think that it paralyzes art and a pair of pop/dance girls have (perhaps quixotically) picked up the fallen banner and charged ahead.   “Girl Next Door” is getting tons of hits on Soundcloud and features some vocals that at times have the funky swagger of Anthony Kiedis and when it gets most unhinged a hint of the growl of Brody Dalle. Keep an eye on the The Soap Girls, something is gonna happen, they will make it or break it.

“The SoapGirls most renowned for their Hit Song Sour which topped the charts at no 5 and made it onto the Now 59 compilation was just the beginning of their introduction to audiences.They have sinced released three other singles,Lucky Tonight Hurricane and in Your Arms, from their debut album Xperience. Currently the girls are getting ready for their career debut in USA” -source The Soap Girls facebook pag


Turn Up The Twang by The Revival BC

Turn Up the Twang by The Revival BC (CD Baby)

“The Revival BC” is a kick-ass country band from Vancouver Island that is finally emerging from the mists of anonymity. I’ve witnessed these dudes working the island gig scene for a couple years and know they have been working at it longer then that. Few country bands are as monolithic  as The Revival BC…. they are like some Eastern Island statue …just no seams in how they are constructed. Finally they have an extremely well produced album released that should do them justice. You can find “Turn Up the Twang” on iTunes and CDBaby.


“Get everyone on the dance floor with The Revival BC from Victoria, British Columbia. We are an energetic country band with unique country songs that performs the ideal two-stepping hip-swinging dance-floor music.” -source The Revival BC . NET



Zoe Ann is back !

Dallas Texas pop-rocker has been very quiet these last few months and I speculate that something big must be planned from the few squeaks heard on the “internets”.  With not much advanced warning Zoe dropped a tasty surprise on her youtube channel with a cover of “Chocolate” . I can’t wait until the next treat !


“Zoe Ann won “Best Teen Rock Artist of the Year” at the 2013 IMC Awards in Los Angeles and just released her new EP “Inside My Head”. Her music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Slacker Radio & more! “-source Zoe Ann Music .Com